By Casey Boggs – President SMG, Portland
There is no doubt.  2020 will be a wild ride!

Political stakes are high, corporate trust is low (according to a recent Gallup Poll), consumer confidence in companies to protect them in the event of a cyberattack is waning (according to recent DHM study) and the public relations industry (according to PRNews) predicts crisis preparations will be a top priority.

In other words, there are clear indicators that “reputation earthquakes” are coming this year.


Forecasting the moment an earthquake hits can be, well, unpredictable. Just as communities have disaster plans, organizations must be prepared for shocking events in order to ward off a full collapse.

Planning for the big one means being able to identify potentially damaging fault lines and vulnerabilities.  What if painful and destructive aftershocks to the company’s people, customers, and community can be mitigated through preparation?  SMG is here to proclaim they can be.


Yes, it is possible to protect your company from the unknown tremors of 2020 with appropriate foresight and proper planning. By waiting until a crisis hits, you risk the panic that stymies your company, and you can no longer control the collateral damage. Your best insurance is foresight, forecast, and forward-thinking action.

SMG has launched its simple 2020 Reputation Emergency Preparation Kit for organizations to be prepared for the shakes, the rattles and the rolls of this new decade.

  1. Crisis Prep Plan. A tailored crisis communications plan that aligns with a business continuity plan developed in advance of a crisis ensures you’re protected, and your executive task force is ready for any pre- and post-shocks. The plan also reviews and revises your internal policies and procedures on how to identify, report and act during a crisis. Does everyone know how to “Drop, Cover & Hold On!”
  2. Task Force Training: Realistic Crisis Scenarios. Time to put your plan to the test. Training your task force in a tabletop setting helps ensure every department leader knows what to do and stays resilient during and after the shaking.
  3. Company-Wide Crisis Simulation. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Perform your own simulated “corporate earthquake” to ensure the entire organization is ready for the Big One.

What are your vulnerabilities?  Where are your fault lines?  Can you be better prepared for the Big One? SMG can help…Contact SMG Managing Director Mike Jamieson for full information