SMG Celebrates Black History Month 

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By Rosemaria DiBenedetto – SMG Chicago It began in 1976 under then President Gerald Ford, and every United States president since then has recognized February as Black History Month.  Ford wanted our country to use this time annually to acknowledge and honor the many accomplishments and achievements brought forth by Black Americans.     The theme of … Read More

Why Human Copywriters are still better than their AI counterparts.

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By Drew Albee – SMG Boulder As the technologies empowering artificial intelligence advance, it’s not difficult to envision a future in which machines have become more intelligent than human beings, bringing our sci-fi nightmares to life. From driving to decision-making, robots are now tackling tasks previously carried out by their human predecessors with unmatched ease, … Read More

Reputation Management Requires Taking a Stance

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By Casey Boggs – President SMG Portland In the wake of the deplorable attack on the US Capitol building, many executive leaders are emerging from the shock and asking, “How could this happen?” and “Why wasn’t there a quicker response?” All fair questions, but don’t expect clear, quick answers. Even without that clarity, it is … Read More

The Value of Contributed Content

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By Drew Albee – SMG Boulder  From shrinking newsrooms to changes in both the types and the ways in which people consume media, the media landscape is constantly evolving. Employment at print publications is dwindling, and outlets across the industry are reducing their resources or creating an increased amount of digital content in order to … Read More

Today’s Technology is taking communication back to the future

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By: Kevin Gould – President, Stryker-Munley Group Boston Lately, I have been fascinated by the way that new technology is taking us full circle in the evolution of mass communication. We are essentially becoming modern-day cavewomen and cavemen. If you think back to how early humans first began to “mass communicate”, it was through pictures … Read More

If it Bleeds it Leads

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By Casey Boggs – President SMG, Portland MANAGE YOUR REPUTATION AFTER A FRAUD OR SCANDAL: TIPS FOR HANDLING THE MEDIA AND PUBLIC BACKLASH A crisis that strikes a credit union makes for colorful and familiar headlines these days, from embezzlements to cybersecurity. For media reporters, there is an unspoken adage, “If it bleeds, it leads.” … Read More

My Work Anniversary — so says LinkedIn

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By David Thalberg – President, Stryker-Munley Group Los Angeles/Orange County When I woke up this morning, I found a number of notifications on my phone congratulating me on my “workiversary.” Hm. Interesting. I wondered: “which work? And what anniversary?” Like many of you, I’ve had a number of different jobs over the years (after being … Read More

Public Relations in the Digital Age

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Sage Advice from an SMG Millennial – By Alex Lauderdale, SMG Sacramento The field of media and public relations has clearly evolved in the digital age, and for those of us who manage media and public relations campaigns, it’s time to step up our online game, and educate our clients on the value of digital … Read More