Core Values

Be Creative (And fun) – This tops our list as our key attribute and commitment to you.  You can buy tactics, tools and techniques. But you can’t train creativity.  At SMG we are bonded through an affinity as a team to be creative, push boundaries, collaborate and “re-imagine,” helping distinguish you from the competitive noise. Likewise, we work with up-and-coming talent on each of our teams who bring us the latest best practices for media, advertising and communications.

We integrate with your executive team to best understand goals and to explore new ways to differentiate your value proposition and then engage with your target audiences, creating value and results.

Be Bold – We’ve found that magical things happen when you combine tried-and-true approaches with experience and intuition. We are not afraid to take risks, try new approaches and assess opportunities and initiatives that enhance proven baseline techniques.

Our clients do not want a templatized approach to PR and marketing.  They want a team with the experience and confidence to explore bold and impactful approaches.

Entrepreneurial –At SMG, our division presidents are all business owners and entrepreneurs. It is not ironic that we have found one another and have made an intentional decision to step into a world where models are broken, paradigms are shifted, and new opportunities are uncovered.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit that delivers agile and imaginative execution.

Be Strategic – At SMG, we are not hired guns who chase down hourly tactical work without an eye toward solid planning and results. With clients and ourselves, we constantly ask, “What is the why? What is the value?” And, “How do we get there?” And, most importantly, the strategy must by tied to data points to properly measure results.

If you are looking for a team to execute marketing “to do” list, SMG is not for you. We are accountable to processes, policies, protocols and creative process to build toward the ultimate vision for success.

Prove Out – The team at SMG has experience working with and leading Fortune 100 companies’ strategic marketing, advertising and communications plans, to startup and launch campaigns. Because of this vast experience, and wide array of talents and creative expertise, we can work efficiently and with success more expeditiously.  We are committed to providing clear results that are measurable and impactful for your brand.

We know that 1 + 1 can = 10 given the right mix of proven, tested strategies and creative tactics, brand positioning, tools and techniques. Our team members have experienced extraordinary success with clients and in industries around the globe. We are confident in our ability to execute to a vision and plan.

Be Authentic – We always act in the best interest of our clients.  We are partners with our clients, not just a vendor.  The respect is mutual and transparent.

We promise to protect and promote our clients above all else.