Stryker-Munley Group is a full-service national marketing and public relations firm strategically located in thriving markets from Los Angeles to Boston. Each office offers executive-level expertise and strategic support to its clients. We pride ourselves in being fiercely independent and creative in our approaches and execution.  Here are some of our core services.

Media and Public Relations
As your public relations partner, we help you create a customized media relations and brand awareness program to transform your expertise, issues, experience, and accomplishments into ideas the media and target audiences find newsworthy, impactful, and timely. SMG works with clients to formulate brand storytelling programs that deliver noteworthy placements and build relationships with the media that matter to you and your stakeholders. We also develop and execute philanthropic and community outreach initiatives and select partners best suited to deliver those messages in a positive and impactful way. The SMG team also offers reputation and crisis management planning and execution, if needed.

SMG manages the creative aspects of advertising across all traditional and emerging mediums. We work with you to create powerful brand concepts and advertising designs that support strong strategy. We ensure media ad buys and promotional elements are negotiated effectively and measured.

Crisis Management
No matter how sophisticated your business appears, in today’s world, it’s not if a crisis will occur, but when. While you can’t anticipate a crisis, you can be prepared for one. SMG enhances, protects and defends our clients’ reputations, especially in the event of a crisis. We utilize our extensive experience to navigate through tumultuous waters and restore your organization’s operations back to stability.

Multicultural/Bilingual Marketing
In an increasingly multicultural world, outreach to diverse audiences can make or break your brand. SMG crafts culturally relevant marketing campaigns that prioritize equity and inclusion, ensuring no one is left out of the conversation. Bilingual services open up broad, new demographics for our clients, capturing Spanish speakers with messaging that literally speaks their language.

Marketing Strategy
SMG team members create results-oriented marketing plans as part of a successful strategy. Team members are versed in product promotion, corporate branding, issues and coalition management, and possess the skills and techniques necessary to differentiate and position your brand in the market. Industry/competitive research is critical to our process to define audiences and shape messaging.

Brand Development
SMG team members have decades of experience building brands from concept to launch and ongoing brand management. We ensure your brand is not represented as merely a logo, or design, but as a symbol of your company’s core values, culture, messaging, and a reflection of your target audiences. Our team members understand that great ideas and great design must work in tandem to build great businesses. We embrace simple, timeless, and powerful creative that builds relationships between your brand and your target audiences.

Digital Media
SMG team members manage the strategy, design, production, and programming used to create dynamic websites, applications, online portals, and interactives to support messaging, market distinction and analytics. We provide a seasoned approach to building social communities and brand affinity, focusing on business objectives, target audience profiles and psychographics, and best practices to craft strategic, integrative, and actionable digital media plans.

Understanding a market, an audience, and how to stimulate them through visuals has been a passion of our team at SMG, and a driving, distinguishing force behind many  of our campaigns. We offer professional studios for full video and film production, music/sound design, commercial production, online and video corporate trainings, product and concept demonstrations, and promotional videos and animations. Our skills are exhibited in our writing, storyboarding, cinematography, directing, lighting, editing, sound design, color correction, animations, and final production.

Social Media
Social media is no longer optional. In many ways, it has become the face of branding – often the public’s first encounter with an organization and the driver of relationship-building. To keep up, you need a savvy social media strategy that stands out and cuts through the noise. SMG’s data-driven approach allows you to meet audiences right where they are, at the right place and the right time. We use science to steer targeted demographics to our client’ channels and then activate audiences with engaging content. Our keen analytics tell us what works and what doesn’t, so that we can make adjustments in real time, making sure you always put your brand’s best face forward.