Reputation Management Requires Taking a Stance

By Casey Boggs – President SMG Portland

In the wake of the deplorable attack on the US Capitol building, many executive leaders are emerging from the shock and asking, “How could this happen?” and “Why wasn’t there a quicker response?” All fair questions, but don’t expect clear, quick answers.

Even without that clarity, it is incumbent upon leaders, organizations, and corporations to take a stance…NOW! Silence suggests weakness, fear, even complicity in the minds of your staff, customers and community. There is much more to gain from staking a claim in support of democracy, humanity, peace and justice. Now is a time to have your American corporation’s voice heard.


Throughout 2020, there were several opportunities to speak out against injustice (e.g., BLM, COVID-19 response, election results being questioned).

If your corporation is appalled…SAY SOMETHING
If your business stands against injustice (as we hope it does!)…TAKE ACTION
If your organization has thoughtful solutions…offer them NOW
If you’re not a part of the solution during what may be one of America’s darkest days (and year), your inaction can be perceived as part of the problem.

Now is a time to enhance and advance your company’s reputation by taking a stance, communicating your disdain and offering help to be a part of the solution.

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