SMG 360° – Integrated Market Communications Audit Services

Not having an integrated corporate communications strategy—or having one, but leaving it unchecked over time—can result in key messages and communications activities becoming siloed, misaligned or even contradictory. This can have a negative impact on your organization in many different ways. It may dilute or distort your brand identity, create confusion among key target audiences, foster internal dissent, result in missed opportunities, reduce efficiencies and increase costs.

SMG’s 360° Audits help ensure your company’s messages and actions are integrated and aligned to advance your brand and business goals.

Our national team  will provide an objective review of your company’s current state of integration and alignment across all organizational messaging and communications. Using the SMG360° approach, our team will make sure that your communications activities are working toward the same universal set of corporate goals and priorities. A fully integrated and aligned communications approach should effectively map to and support your reputation, brand promise and business plan objectives and advance them in a defined and measurable way.

Three Audits – One Goal
Use them individually or as a fully integrated marketing communications audit and plan. Click on the links below for further information on our Audit services. Full details and pricing are available upon request.

  1. The SMG360° Communications Audit
  2. The SMG360° Reputation Audit
  3. THe SMG360° Competitive Audit

For complete information and pricing, contact Mike Jamieson – Managing Director at 908-876-1975 or email