How to Manage Those “Who Can Not Be Contained.”

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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey   By Jennifer Bulotti, SMG Sacramento At Stryker-Munley Group, we have our share of incredible tech innovators and entrepreneurs. We have worked with Microsoft and Disney Interactive, as young start-ups and well-seeded ideas that led to incredibly competitive companies. The one question that always comes to the table is: How do … Read More

Evolution Salt Co. Selects Stryker-Munley Group

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Evolution Salt Co., based in Austin TX, has selected Stryker-Munley Group to head its national public relations program. Evolution Salt is the largest and most responsible producer of Himalayan crystal salt products worldwide. For more than 40 years Evolution Salt has been the world’s foremost supplier of Himalayan crystal salt. Evolution Salt Co. delivers a … Read More

Technology and 21st Century Learning

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By Rosemaria DiBenedetto, President, Stryker-Munley Group Chicago Students in High School District 215 in the south suburbs of Chicago, are learning how technology can change the way they learn and how it can help keep their bodies physically fit. District Superintendent Creg Williams is a founding member of Vision 20/20 and serves as President of … Read More

Write Your Book. Build Your Brand.

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By David Thalberg, President, Stryker-Munley Group Los Angeles The original title of this article was “Write A Book. Build A Brand.”  “Your” was substituted in for “A.”  It’s an important distinction.  With more than 30 years as a public relations and book publishing professional, I’ve seen how much impact authoring a book can have on … Read More

At Your Service-The Brave New World of Restaurant Marketing

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By Jennifer Bulotti – President, Stryker-Munley Group SacramentoDecades ago restaurant owners had only a few ways to draw in customers to settle in to enjoy their great food, atmosphere, service and beverage selections. Print, television and radio advertising reigned—and an occasional well-placed local newspaper article or word-of-mouth suggestion would help round out a customer’s decision to … Read More