Keep your management teams and key personnel informed on the latest news and information about your company and industry

Through our strategic partnership with Muck Rack, SMG offers customized, hands-on services that add value to your media monitoring, tracking, and reporting functions. Muck Rack provides the industry’s most accurate media database and powerful media monitoring capabilities using the latest advances in AI and machine learning technology. SMG provides companies with the knowledge and expertise to build and deliver Business Information Newsletters based on very specific use cases and business needs.

SMG’s Support Team
Our dedicated Business Information Newsletters team will work with you to compile a customized Muck Rack powered newsletter to ensure the right articles from Muck Rack are effectively delivered to key audiences within your company on a routine and timely basis. Here’s how we can help:

  • Review your Muck Rack Alerts and coverage reports to identify the articles to include in your daily news summary distribution.
  • Use Muck Rack’s newsletter tool to format and distribute your daily news summary to your defined list(s) of recipients.
  • Work with you to define key categories for organizing your Alerts for inclusion is a news summary distribution. Common categories include:
    • Your company in the news – High value coverage of your company in top-tier outlets right down to mentions in lower-tier outlets.
    • Customer news – Stories reporting on key business issues of large, high value customers
    • Peer news – Coverage of competitors, strategic partners, and vendors
    • Industry news – coverage of your industry and related issues that can affect your business interests such as consumer trends, trade regulations, tariffs, government policies, product recalls, data breaches, etc.
    • Economic news – coverage of domestic and international economic indicators and market conditions
    • Noteworthy/other news – any additional stories of interest to your company such as corporate governance, workforce trends, and corporate social responsibility
  • Define the internal audience at your company who will receive regularly scheduled news results and determine the scope, frequency and format of news to be delivered to each audience.
  • Work with your internal teams and Muck Rack to routinely update automated searches based on key search terms and targeted media outlets.
  • Address any needs or issues regarding access to articles published in subscription-based publications.
  • Conduct any manual searches, if necessary, to identify additional news articles that may not have been included in automated search results.
  • Develop processes to ensure that email distribution lists are kept up to date.
  • Schedule routine update calls to discuss any upcoming news about the company, changes in relevant issues or priorities, adjustments to key word searches, quality of articles being delivered and more.

Our pricing is determined by the customized scope of work for each client based on some or all of the following factors. Be assured we can design a customized information newsletter that suits your needs and budget.

  1. Frequency – Do you want a news summary delivered each weekday or less frequently? Typically, our clients send a daily news summary (Monday through Friday).
  2. Delivery time – At what time each day (Eastern Time Zone) do you expect the news summary to be ready for distribution?
  3. Volume – How many captured articles and alerts need to be reviewed each day/week to determine which ones will be included in the news summary? How many articles will be included in each news summary?
  4. Process – Will we be scanning news articles in Muck Rack only or will other sources be used? What is the review/editing/approval process (i.e. – how much back and forth will you require before approval and distribution)?
  5. Analysis – Do you want us to provide annotated comments or on each article such as tone/favorability, specific mentions (e.g. – company/product names, quotes from executives, red flag issues, etc.)
  6. Subscription Management – Are we responsible for registering/managing subscriptions to key publications or will you provide access through existing corporate subscriptions?

*The cost of subscriptions for access to all news articles is the sole responsibility of the client and are billed separately.