“Most people are drowning in information yet thirsting for clarity and purpose.

1. The SMG360° Communications Audit 

Our proprietary audit process typically takes two months to complete. This timeline is highly dependent upon your readiness, accessibility and responsiveness throughout the process.

STEP 1: Define and Discover (Weeks 1-4)

Every company is unique in terms of the size and scope of its communications activities. But, regardless, every company needs to ensure that all messages and communications activities align with and support its brand and business goals. If they don’t, then not only are your communications efforts going to be ineffective, but they could actually be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve, detrimental to your brand and business and a waste of significant time and money.

The first step in creating your customized IMC360° Communications audit is to review your brand and business goals, and to help you define or refine them as needed. These then become the benchmark against which we measure the integration and alignment of your communications activities across functional areas and workstreams such as Corporate, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources/Employee Communication, Customer Service, Investor Relations, and more.

We then review your existing corporate communication activities (active and planned), collateral, delivery channels and other corporate assets needed to understand the complete scope of your integrated marketing communications efforts.

As part of the discovery process, we will also develop and distribute a questionnaire to leadership/executive team members and key staff.  From the information gathered, we will conduct interviews to clarify responses, as needed, and gain further in-depth insights. During discovery, we will examine the following:

STEP 2: Map and Assess (Weeks 5 + 6)

Using the information gathered in Step 1, we create an IMC360° Communications Matrix that maps Each business goal to the unique communications activities that support and advance that goal. Then under each activity we map key target audiences, messages and desired outcomes. These outcomes are what you want your audiences to think, feel or do. From there, we integrate and align all of this with 1) Mission, Vision, and Values; 2) Reputation, 3) Brand Promise, 4) Corporate Social Responsibility, and 5) Organizational Structure/Operational Capacity.

STEP 3: Integrate and Align (Weeks 7 + 8)

Using the IMC360° Communications Matrix developed in Step 2, we identify gaps, areas of disconnect or dissonance, and make actionable recommendations to strengthen the coherence of your communications activities throughout the organization. Some of these recommendations may be easy fixes. However, others may require additional attention, planning and resources. We can help you prioritize these corrective measures and provide guidance and assistance as needed to design and implement the changes.