By: Tim Cox, President, Stryker-Munley Group Silicon Valley

Brightpearl is an ecommerce technology company based in the UK with big plans for the US. They offer everything a retailer needs to streamline the back office — from order management, to replenishment, retail accounting, inventory, warehouse management, and more.

They’re up against some big players in the retail-tech sector here in the USA, and they need to stand out from the competition by emphasizing their strategic thinking and expertise.

SMG’s Tim Cox (Silicon Valley office) worked with Brightpearl’s US team to develop a series of educational pieces for placement in influential media. Over the course of 6 months, several topical thought-leadership articles, bylined by the CEO, were developed and placed with some of the industry’s top retail media.

The objective was to establish Brightpearl as a company with its finger on the pulse of contemporary issues facing retailers:
1. Changing shopper behavior, especially ‘try before you buy’ and ‘serial returners’
2. Millennials and their attitudes to brand loyalty
3. The emergence of direct-to-consumer brands
4. The importance of ‘frictionless’ online shopping as a critical driver of customer experience.

A key ingredient for any thought-leadership campaign is data — especially primary research information. For this, Brightpearl commissioned surveys to understand attitudes of both retailers and consumers. Better still, these were then condensed into reports and published in the resources section of the Brightpearl website.

SMG then adapted this content into a series of pitchable storyboard concepts, and approached editors at the top US retail publications with an offer of an exclusive article bylined by Brightpearl’s CEO. To kick off each campaign, Brightpearl issued a news release that was bundled in a package offered to these editors.

For example, the study on serial returners was hooked onto Amazon’s much-publicized decision to penalize shoppers who abuse its liberal merchandise return policies. Brightpearl asked retailers whether they intended to follow suit, and asked consumers for their reaction to the policy. This campaign resulted in articles about Brightpearl’s survey in Business Insider, Chain Store Age, DC Velocity, eMarketer, Retail Dive, and Forbes.

For the thought-leadership component, SMG successfully secured bylined articles that tapped into the research content, securing four on-message articles that positioned Brightpearl as a retail partner with the vision and capabilities to support a retailer’s business objectives. Examples include:


All this work, which was accomplished over the course of 6 months, has a long shelf life. As a result of these high-profile media placements, Brightpearl is now featured more prominently in relevant web searches, and these articles will continue to support the company’s sales team by underscoring Brightpearl’s thought leadership in this sector.