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SMG Introduces Marcos Naddeo, President of SMG Miami.

Marcos has led a wide variety of projects/campaigns over the years with major F500 clients, such as: Disney, Unilever, AVON, UNICEF, Exxon Mobil, Samsung, Moet Henessy, and Mars.

Having lived and worked in several countries, Marcos brings a multi-cultural vision to all his decisions and an openness down to his teams to bring out the best in them. Passionate about Creativity, he believes that this is the core of our industry always seeking to integrate and overcome barriers and allow us to be more creative.

SMG Miami works to connect brands in order to positively influence their audiences, generating impact through connections. When we talk about connections, it’s all about cultural connection. Our extensive use of digital & social media integrates a balanced and experienced team of local, regional and cross-generational talent.

Marcos holds degrees in Business Administration and Marketing with honors from the Catholic University of Buenos Aires.

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