Management Team

Kevin Gould

President – SMG Boston

Doyle Albee,

President - SMG Boulder

Mike Jamieson

President - SMG Charleston

David Thalberg

President - SMG Charlotte

Chuck Morris

President - SMG Knoxville

Phoebe Coles

President - SMG Philadelphia

David Franek

President - SMG Washington DC

Mae Escobar

President - SMG San Antonio

Rosemaria DiBenedetto

President - SMG Chicago

Marcos Naddeo

President - SMG Miami

SMG Team

Tanner Mckamey
Web developer, SEO specialist
Peyton Mooneyhan
Content Strategist
Sherrie Demarcus
Office Management
Emily Breeden
Sr. Designer
Thomas Norman
Digital Production Manager
Pedro Basaldúa
Sr. Creative Director
Ignacio Acosta
General Manager
Facundo Bernades
Social Media Specialist
Jose Sanchez
Creative Director's Manager
Cecilia Catalano
Influencers Marketing Manager
Zhou Zhou Mckean
Account Coordinator
Nolan Hullinger
Social Media Coordinator
Paul Hrusa
Sr. Interactive Developer
Rachel Deutsh
Creative Director
Ryan Cadby
Web Developer
Tatiytana Brooks
Account Executive
Adison Young
Art Director
Lauren Garrow
Account Coordinator
Melissa Christensen
Public Relations
Melissa Sprinkle
Account Coordinator
Mike Yue
Sr. Writer and Brand Strategist
Jennifer Stevens
Account Executive
Jennifer Stevens
Creative and Digital
Jenny Schmidt
Office Manager
Jonathan Bruns
Sr. Art Director
Kalli Combs
Social Media Manager
Kendra Westercamp
Account Executive
Amy Leger
Chief Operating Officer
Andrea Holt
P.R. Manager
Angie Currie
Account Executive
Brigitte Baker
Cory Farrugia
Director of Account Services
Dan Coury
Sr. Account Executive
Drew Albee
Content Manager
Ashley Chiu
Account Manager
Matt Kane
Sr. Account Manager